Samoa Water Sports

The tropical Samoa weather lends itself to cooling off in deep pools or lagoons. Thankfully, maps of Samoa in the South Pacific show islands ringed by coral reefs, which has created a wonderland of crystal clear lagoons to explore while on vacation in Samoa’s islands.

Snorkelling in Samoa is some of the safest and best in the world, with reefs and bommies just off the edge of the shore. The most popular snorkelling site is the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve just off the shore in Apia, Samoa. Here a deep blue hole is ringed by coral and teeming with tropical fish. Other places in Upolu in Samoa for snorkelling include Matereva, Saoluafata and Lalomanu.

Samoa scuba diving is growing in popularity. Some of the main dive sites to travel to in Samoa include the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve and the reefs around Nuutele, Nuulua and Nuusafe islets. If you want to dive in Savaii, Samoa, then the wreck of the “Juno” a well-preserved steel 3 masted missionary ship that sank in 1881 is the pick of the sites. Join a ferry in Samoa to travel between Upolu and Savaii islands.

Game fishing in Samoa will allow you to experience one of the top 10 fishing locations in the world. Join one of the fishing charters in Samoa to tap into local knowledge and tag and release a Wahoo, dolphin fish or marlin.

With all of the coral reefs ringing the islands, surf in Samoa is something special. There are many huge breaks for the experienced surfer to choose from, with a number of resorts in Samoa catering specifically for surfers.