Samoa Transport

Your flight into Samoa will take you over tall volcanic mountains, thundering waterfalls, dense rainforests and across coral reefs and blue ocean. As you fly over this remote set of islands in the Asia Pacific, your adventure is just beginning.

Your ticket to Samoa will see you land at the Faleolo International Airport in the humid Samoan weather, about an hour’s drive from Apia. Flights between the Samoan Islands also leave from the Airport.

Transfers from the airport to the Apia resorts and main Samoan hotels are by taxis, airport bus services or local bus lines.

Local buses are a great way to travel in Samoa – they are cheap, go to most villages and the bus drivers are happy to help you find the right bus. They also have solid suspension on the bumpy roads around Samoa and run on an irregular basis.

Taxis in Samoa are unmetered, with flat rates between popular destinations. Confirm the rate before you commence your journey.

Car rental in Samoa is another popular way to get around. Most car rental agencies are located in Apia, Samoa and they are happy to provide Samoa maps to get you to the main attractions and petrol stations.

Hiking is Samoa’s main way of reaching attractions such as the Falealupo Rainforest and Lalomau Crater.

If you wish to travel between Upolu and Savaii islands in Samoa on the South Pacific, pick up a ferry in Samoa at Mulifanua Wharf in Upolu or Salelologa Wharf in Savaii. Visit these wharves also for charters to the best Samoa fishing and diving destinations.