Manu Samoa Rugby

The Manu Samoa Rugby Team earned its international recognition as a result of years of hard work and significant success. From the humble beginnings of Manu Samoa playing their first international game against Fiji, fitted in before work, to the team of professionals it is today.

The Samoa Rugby Team is managed by Fay Richwhite and the Western Samoan Rugby Union, who together have formed the company, Manu Samoa Rugby Limited. Brian Williams is Manu Samoa’s coach and Managing Director and Andrew Gaze is the Commercial Development Manager.

As well as competitions against neighbouring countries in the Pacific Islands, the team has played throughout Europe, South Africa, Australia and Hong Kong, achieving various levels of success. Winning the 1992 Middlesex and 1993 Hong Kong Sevens is one of the most outstanding achievements to-date.

When the Rugby team plays at home, the popular Samoa sport attracts a lot of followers, which makes accommodation in Samoa very scarce.