Samoa's Capital Apia

Apia is the capital of Samoa, found on Upolu Island, the only city on Samoa’s tropical islands. The Samoan city of Apia has a population of approximately 33 000. Apia is Samoa’s chief port, with the international airport nearby at Faleolo.

Enjoy the cool evening breeze listening to the sounds of the ocean, separated only by the white sands in your Fale, traditional Samoa accommodation. Other accommodation options in Apia are backpacker-style, boutique properties, Apia hotels and five-star resorts.

The tropical climate in Apia provides perfect weather to enjoy activities, including deep sea fishing, diving or relaxing aboard luxury yachts. Samoa and Apia enjoy summer weather all-year-round with the rainy season generally at the beginning of the year.

Use your Samoan map to explore Apia and the nearby Samoan Island of Savaii. A map of Apia will help you discover places of interest in the city and guide you around the surrounding areas.