Welcome to Samoa

Welcome to Samoa in the South Pacific, a land of white sandy beaches lapped by crystal-clear blue water teeming with fish; lush rainforests and rugged volcanic mountains pierced with cascading waterfalls, and friendly people.

Samoa (or Western Samoa as it used to be called) is a series of islands in the heart of Polynesia, about half-way between New Zealand and Hawaii. A map of Samoa shows the two largest islands of Upolo (Samoa’s main island and home to Apia, the main port and capital of Samoa) and Savii. Samoa also has a number of smaller islands within the group – most of which are uninhabited, except for plentiful bird-life.

Travel to Samoa and you step back in time to a period where tropical islands were relaxed and island life was slow and enjoyable. Everything about Samoa’s Islands is relaxed - you will not find an overflow of bustling tourists on your Samoan vacation.

Travel around Samoa in the Asia Pacific region and you will experience unspoilt landscapes, enjoyable feasts and friendly locals willing to share their hospitality and stories about their culture, traditions and beliefs. You will discover villages and their chiefs living much the way they always have. You will pass copra plantations jostling with cacao plantations, and waterfalls falling into lush tropical lagoons.

This laid-back lifestyle extends to Samoa’s accommodation, with its traditional open-sided beach Fales which make the most of Samoa’s weather. If you are looking for more modern accommodation, there are a range of comfortable motels and hotels in Samoa.